Why Use B-Safe Rubber Mulch?

  • Save up to 65% over five years by reducing annual mulching costs
  • Natural looking and color remains vibrant
  • Allows passage of moisture directly into the soil and to the plant roots
  • Resists blowing and washing away
  • Eco-friendly-used for sustainable landscaping and qualifies for LEED credits
  • Non-Organic and does not promote termite or insect infecstation


Product Benefits

  • Maintenance Free
  • 5 plus years color warranty
  • Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch will not decompose
  • Non-staining-the color will not rub off on children, clothes, or pets

A Safe Environment for Playgrounds


  • Meets or exceeds U.S CPSC & IPEMA guidelines for Playground surfacing
  • A 6-inch layer provides 16’ of critical fall height protection per ASTM F1292-04
  • Does not splinter like wood mulch
  • Remains soft and flexible for all climates


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